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Pots & Containers

Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies proudly offers a wide assortment of quality pots and pottery for growing rrchids and many other plant varieties.

Aircone Pots™
Rand's Aircone Pots™ offer increased air and drainage through the internal central cone. These translucent pots allow light to reach the roots and you can visually see the condition and moisture ... read & see more here.
Receive a 20% Discount on 10 or more of the SAME Pot Size
Mfg: Rand

Complete Hydroponic Pots
Hydroponic culture for orchids is becoming more and more popular. When growing with our hydroponic culture pots you'll experience the many benefits available from growing your orchids this way. Hydro ... read & see more here.

Drainage Netting
Our drainage netting is another product from Joshua Roth Limited. This flexible, plasticized fabric is used by bonsai growers to seal drainage holes in the bottom of bonsai planters and has many ... read & see more here.

Glazed Clay Pots
These very pretty glazed pots are the perfect item for displaying your smaller sized orchids. These have no drainage so we don’t recommend planting in them but they are the perfect size for ... read & see more here.

Glazed Pottery - Black
Unlike many of our other glazed pottery, these do in fact have drainage holes at the bottom. Even so, we recommend planting your orchid into a plastic pot which can then simply be inserted into these ... read & see more here.

Glazed Pottery - Brown
We’ve often been asked if we have any outer pots that people can use in combination with our plastic pots. This is one of the nicest we’ve seen and we’re happy to now have them available on our ... read & see more here.

Mini Terrariums
We just love planting small orchids in these so that they can be enjoyed daily hanging directly in front of the kitchen window. We supplement the morning sunlight in this location using a T5 Single ... read & see more here.

Net Pots
Plastic basket-like pots. These are very versatile containers. They are great for plants which prefer a very open and airy root system and are a compromise for those who might not wish to grow the ... read & see more here.
Receive a 20% Discount on 10 or more of the SAME Pot Size

Net Pots - Heavy Duty
Similar to the regular Net Pots but in a much more sturdily made! The two larger sizes have holes for wire hangers (hangers not included). These are versatile plastic basket-like pots. They are great ... read & see more here.
Receive a 20% Discount on 10 or more of the SAME Pot Size

Plastic Bulb Pans
These pots are shallower than traditional pots.  They work well for orchids as they prevent an excess depth of growing medium at root level and thus dry out faster. ... read & see more here.

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