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Sometimes the sun just doesn't always shine when, where, or for as long as one wishes or needs. Here are some of our enlightening solutions.

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T5 Fluorescent Designer Systems - 24" long
Price: $113.95-$244.95
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    These Designer T5 Systems combine German specular aluminum with energy-efficient, high-output T5 bulbs and put out double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems. These daisy-chainable systems allow you to choose multiple hanging configurations to meet your garden’s design. The new Designer T5 Systems deliver performance, flexibility and high lumen output - perfect for any growing environment! Available in 2-and 4-foot units. 2 foot: 2, 4, or 8 bulbs 4 foot: 4, 6, or 8 bulbs German made...

    T5 Fluorescent Designer Systems - 48" long
    Price: $181.95-$289.95
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      These high performance fixtures are perfect for starting seedlings, cuttings, growing Orchids, house plants ...basically anything you want to grow indoors! Ideal for illuminating shelves and above bench top growing areas. High Lumen Output, Very Low Heat Low Profile - only 2 3/8 in. tall. X 48 in. long Two Year Warrantee Super Value, Light Weight All t5 Fixtures now with vertical or horizontal hanging option Fluorescent Tubes included Read more about T5 and Fixtures here. ...

      T5 Fluorescent Tubes
      Price: $8.95-$12.95
      Availability: In Stock
      A 20% Discount is given on 6 or more of the SAME Type

        These high performance replacement tubes fit T5 fixtures only! Hydrofarm's Agrobrite T5 replacement tubes offer HO light output at a great price. Full daylight 6400K spectrum and compatible for all T5 fixtures we offer. 54W puts out 5000 initial lumens per tube. 24W puts out 2000 initial lumens per tube 48" Tubes: 54 Watts ea. 5000 Initial Lumens Output Either Day or Warm Spectrum Rated 20,000 hours life 24" Tubes: 24 Watts ea. 2000 Initial Lumens Output Rated 20,000 hours lifeRead more about...

        T5 High Output Grow Light
        Price: $47.95-$54.95
        Availability: In Stock

          This T5 High Output Grow Light is the same fixture that’s been available with the Jump Start Light System for many years. They are very reliable, highly efficient and we’re happy that they’re now offered separately. If you don’t need the stand but desire the same quality T5 fixture, they are now available separately for hanging in the location of your choosing.Faster growth with high output T5 6400K full daylight spectrum bulbCool running design lets you position the light closer for...

          T5 Single Fluorescent Fixtures
          Price: $13.98
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            These are great for Orchids, seedlings, under cabinets, aquariums / terrariums / vivariums, etc. These High Performance fixtures offer low noise, Rapid Start, Low Heat units with a lifetime rating of 10,000 hours.Single Fluorescent Fixture with tube includes: Electronic Ballast 6 ' Power cord Hanging clips Daisy chain hanging cable Roll switch Read more about T5 and Fixtures here. ...