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    Sold in bags of 25

    We searched and searched for these to use with our own orchid collection and finally have a sufficient quantity to offer them to our customers. These Soft Plant Ties are very similar to the spools of rubber coated wire often seen at many garden centers, but of a smaller size much more useful to orchid growers.

    Each individual tie is made of wire covered with a black rubber surface. Extremely soft on your plants, yet they are very strong and securely hold their shape. Simply hold the pre-bent end up to your inflorescence and then twist the tie around any stake of your choice. The Soft Plant Tie creates a very safe, strong, secure and inconspicuous way to display your favorite orchid.

    Completely reusable again and again. The perfect plant tie for those that like to display your blooming plants at an orchid show!

    Sold in bags of 25