It happens to everyone - sooner or later some will find their way onto your plants. Here we offer some solutions to help rid your collection of problem Insects.

Please Note: Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions when working with chemicals.

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Siphon Pump for Dyna-Gro 8oz Bottle
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    This Siphon Pump is specifically made for use with any of the Dyna-Gro 8 oz bottles. Remove the bottle cap and replace with this siphon pump. Simply push down on the Siphon Pump to easily and conveniently pump the fertilizer out of the bottle. No more stuck caps, lost caps or messy spills!

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      Kills both snails and slugs. We find slugs to be one of the most destructive orchid pests in our greenhouse, and this is what we use to keep them from destroying our orchids. An alternative to traditional slug and snail baits, Sluggo® contains iron phosphate, an organic compound that breaks down into fertilizer and remains effective up to four weeks. We often have two dogs wander within our greenhouse and this can be safely used around pets and wildlife, an important feature not found in many...

      Sticky Thrips Leafminer Trap
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        These traps are similar to the Sticky Whitefly Trap but come in a Brilliant Blue Color. These blue sticky traps attract a broad spectrum of flying insects, including: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers and leafminers. Long lasting traps are weatherproof, and come with a wire twist to easily hang where needed. Extremely useful for monitoring your plants and identification of many common orchid pests.Studies have shown that thrips are more attracted to the color blue than yellow. “Colored...