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    For those hobbyists who prefer to grow their orchids mounted, we are very happy to offer and highly recommend EcoWeb™.

    EcoWeb™ is a direct substitute for osmunda and tree fern in a variety of applications. Made from recycled plastic beverage bottles, EcoWeb™ both prevents the overharvesting of the tropical tree ferns and keeps those plastics out of landfills.

    EcoWeb™ is particularly useful to grow orchids vertically on a slab or horizontally on a “raft”. It can be easily cut if needed, and smaller pieces can even be used as a media in hanging baskets. Click on the “Larger Image” to see how well our Dinema polybulbon has rooted when grown vertically on an EcoWeb™ slab.

    EcoWeb™ does not absorb water, but the structure holds droplets suspended in the web, easily available to the plants. Rather than becoming saturated when watered, it consists of a firm, yet flexible network of filaments surrounding a great many macropores. It’s light and airy structure is the perfect media for mounted orchids to establish a well developed root structure. Due to its structure and ability to withstand wet environments, EcoWeb™ can be used in many hydroponic growing applications. When used in terrariums and vivariums. it will support the growth of epiphytes, climbing vines, mosses and orchids. EcoWeb™ may be safely used as backgrounds within aquariums, where it will support the growth of algae and aerobic bacteria to help purify the water.