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    Made from rot-resistant red cedar, cypress, and African mahogany, our Hard Wood Slabs are perfect for mounting orchids. Each is hand made from a selection of high quality wood pieces that are responsibly recycled from left over woodworking projects.  We prefer to grow many of our orchids this way, and these Hard Wood Slabs are the perfect choice for anyone who likes to grow mounted orchids.

    Selection will vary. 
    Small Hard Wood Slabs average 1 3/4” x 8”. 
    Large Hard Wood Slabs average 3” x 9”.

    The photos showing in-use with plants are Oncidium creocus (not in bloom - on the small mount),  Dendrochilum tenellum shown on a large mount, and our Oberonia setigera ‘Sumerod’ CCM/AOS (awarded 85 point CCM while grown on a small Hard Wood Mount).