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Sold exclusively at Kelley’s Korner Orchid Supplies! Anyone who has grown orchids in a clay pot already knows about the difficulty when it’s time to repot. Many orchids with big fleshy roots such as cattleyas firmly attach themselves to the clay, making it very difficult to remove the plant without damaging the roots that have securely attached to the pot surface. 

These Terracotta Mounting Jars are the perfect choice for anyone who desires to grow mounted orchids. We’ve worked with a local potter to provide you with an unglazed terracotta jar that has no drainage holes. When starting our jars we place a young orchid plant on the outside, and firmly attach it with rubber bands or Velcro as shown in the photos. We then fill the jar with water and hang it up with a strong cord (unused shoelaces are perfect). Once filled with water, the water within the jar gives a sensation of moisture under the root helping to maintain it's health. The roots are able to absorb moisture where they contact the clay, but the majority of the roots remain dry and exposed to the fresh air.

The moisture does not constantly seep through the terracota, so we treat orchids mounted on the jars in much the same way as those mounted on other materials. Spraying or misting the roots daily helps them stay healthy while they begin to attach. Once attached less frequent watering is permissible, but occasional misting or spraying is encouraged to keep them moist and healthy. In less than three months each of our plants shown here was firmly attached to the jar and the rubber band or Velcro was no longer needed. Once the plant matures daily watering is no longer needed because the terracotta surface provides the perfect environment for healthy root growth. 

Each of our jars is a hand thrown by a local artist, providing you with a stylish work of art to display your mounted orchid. Every piece is fashioned by hand on the wheel in a Massachusetts studio. Each Terracotta Mounting Jar is then finished with one or more details before it is fired, making each jar a unique and one of a kind mounting surface for your orchids. As we grow more and more of our orchids mounted on these jars we find that each orchid becomes a prized treasure once attached to this work of art. 

Because these are hand thrown jars, shapes and finished details will vary. Sizes listed are approximate, and represent the widest dimension of most jars.

  • #.5 = 2 1/2 " tall and 2 1/2" diameter
  • #1 = 3 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" diameter
  • #1.5 = 4 1/2" tall and 3 3/4" diameter
  • #2 = 4 3/4" tall and 4 1/4" diameter
  • #3 = 5 1/4" tall and 5" diameter
  • #4 = 6" tall and 5 1/2" diameter

(Terracotta Mounting Jars are hand crafted for us by a potter, and therefore are not eligible for certain discount Coupon Codes.)