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    This medium is great for Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis and many other popular orchids.

    Includes: Coco Husk chips, Diatomite, Sponge-rock, and Charcoal. We suggest adding ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water of either KLN rooting compound or Superthrive when pre-soaking the mix.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    My orchids like it best.

    • excellent%20moisture%20retention
    • The%20dry%20mix%20is%20very%20dusty.
    I had identical odontoglossums purchased at the same time. One was potted in Kelly's Korner Mix and the others were planted in Repot Me Imperial Mix. The plant potted in the Kelly's Korner Mix has done significantly better. I'm now in the process of repotting most of my orchids from the Repot Me Imperial to Kelly's Korner and they're all doing dramatically better. The Kelly's Korner Mix is excellent at retaining moisture without becoming soggy, drains well, and does not decompose.

    a premium mix made from premium ingredients

    Absolutely the best mix out there for phrags. I have used it for years. Maybe put some aliflor in the bottom of the pot. Works well for paphs and phals in the home, where there is not the humidity of a greenhouse. Also a good seedling mix where you want to make sure the mix does not dry out. I buy it in the largest size bag they offer.