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These are very similar to our traditionally shaped Square Wood Baskets, but are hand crafted just for us in the state of Maine using rot resistant Cedar wood. We love growing many of our vandaceous orchids and even our miniature cattleyas in wood baskets but find that over time that many of the wood baskets on the market will eventually decay. We are excited to find a source to create for us these custom made Cedar Wood Baskets at an affordable price.

Our Square Cedar Wood Baskets are available in popular 4, 6 and 8 inches sizes and include 4 wire hangers. Check out our Baskets Aren’t Just for Vandas photo album to inspire you to grow your some of your orchids in wood baskets.

We've tried many items to line our baskets and find nothing works better than Coconut Fiber. Simply pull the fibers into a thin layer and place it around the inside of your baskets, then fill with your favorite growing media. It's strong and permanent yet allows the roots to easily grow to the outside.

(Because this is a hand-crafted item, Cedar Wood Baskets will not be eligible for certain discount Coupon Codes.)