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Every job is easier when one has the right tool on hand. Below you will find a nice assortment to simplify nearly any task.

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Safer Sticky Stakes
Price: $6.95
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Item #: SSS -

    Safer Sticky Stakes are great for use with potted Plants. Controls Whitefly, Blackfly, Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies, Midges and other flying insects. Poison Free - works continuously. There are 7 single-sided Sticky Pads with 7 Holders in each box.

    Price: $3.99
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      We typically suggest using single edge razor blades when cutting into plant tissue to avoid transfer of virus or disease from one plant to another. Even so we recognize that many growers prefer to use traditional cutting tools when trimming their plants. These cutting shears are not high quality tools, but that's what makes them economical and affordable for most growers. These shears are perfect for light duty use and come in two styles. They are comfortable in the hand when in use, and have...

      Shears, Clean-Cut
      Price: $22.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: CCPS -

        These are ideal for heavy pruning in your greenhouse or garden. High quality cutters imported from Japan with a changeable blade for long lasting use. 8 1/4" long.

        Shears, Garden-Cut
        Price: $24.95
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        Item #: GCS -

          These 8" long shears are great for fine pruning. The long blade is ideal for many uses and reaching into tight places. Made from high quality cutlery steel but with a soft handle that is very comfortable to grip.

          Shears, Leaf-Trimmer
          Price: $14.95
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          Item #: LTSHEARS -

            These Mini-Shears are extremely high quality trimmers ideal for tight places. Simple, efficient! Typically used by bonsai growers and useful for orchids as well. Just 4" long.

            Siphon Pump for Dyna-Gro 8oz Bottle
            Price: $1.99
            Availability: Out of Stock
            Item #: PUMP8 -

              This Siphon Pump is specifically made for use with any of the Dyna-Gro 8 oz bottles. Remove the bottle cap and replace with this siphon pump. Simply push down on the Siphon Pump to easily and conveniently pump the fertilizer out of the bottle. No more stuck caps, lost caps or messy spills!

              TimelapseCam 8.0
              Price: $99.95
              Availability: Out of Stock
              Item #: TimeCam8 -

                Watch your orchids grow in fast-forward with the new TimeLapseCam 8.0 garden camera. The Camera is rugged and weatherproof, and automatically takes photos and videos at set time intervals. It then stitches the photos together to create a video showing in minutes or seconds what usually can't be seen with the naked eye. The result is a seamless movie of your orchids growing!To create a timelapse movie, simply set the camera to take still photos at the desired time interval: immediately, 30...

                Price: $12.95
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                Item #: TWE -

                  Angled point, stainless steel. 8" long. Top end has a curved scraper.

                  Velcro Plant Ties
                  Price: $3.99
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                  Item #: VPT -

                    Velcro Plant Ties are an easy way to train or support your orchids. Velcro Plant Ties are adjustable, reusable and quite durable. Simply wrap around your orchid and back onto themselves for a secure self-gripping hold. ½ inch wide x 45 foot longEasily cut to any length you needSuper strongLightweightReusable

                    Wet / Dry Hygrometer
                    Price: $39.75
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                    Item #: HYG -

                      A well built instrument for greater humidity-reading accuracy. Plants grow best when their humidity needs are being met. Be sure to know what your growing area is providing with this easy-to-use hygrometer.We've tried many of the "dial" type hygrometers but were not happy with the results. This Wet/Dry Hygrometer however is extremely accurate and very easy to use.This instrument has two thermometers, one of which has a cloth wick on the bulb which is kept wet from a tube of water located in...