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The new Aquafog® Hydro SS 700™ brings advanced fine-mist fogging to relaxed atmosphere applications. They are quiet, dependable and perfectly suited for the smaller job.

The Direct Feed hanging units receive liquid directly through a visual flowmeter control panel. This provides for fine "repeatable" control of the fogging output as well as enhancing dependability by eliminating sump components. Direct Feed units are well suited for the harsher environment or applications where standing water in a sump could become an issue.

Each Direct Feed unit is equipped with a 5 GPH (20-300cc/min) flowmeter panel and 12' condensation drainage line.

Perfectly suited for growing orchids, no matter whether the collection houses a few or if you have a greenhouse/sunroom/growing room full of them! If you need fine misty-fog combined with mild air propulsion for either evaporative cooling or mid-range humidification applications, the Aquafog® Hydro SS 700™ may be just the ticket. Ready to install, these stand-alone units connect easily to ordinary water supply or may be used as self-contained (hanging sump).

  • 3 gallon per hour fogging capability
  • Consumes extremely low amounts of energy, 1.8 amps or less @ 115V
  • Adjustable angle fogging head
  • No-clog, nozzle-free atomization
  • Adjustable flow output w/ fog particles averaging 40 microns in size
  • 14 foot power cord with grounded three prong plug.
  • 15 feet of ¼ water line tubing with water hose connector
  • Call or Email us for accessory Humidistats.

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Customer Testimonial:

I have had my Jaybird mister for several months now and am extremely pleased with it.
It is a great improvement over the old floor model, which collected dirt and algae and occasionally became so clogged that no mist was produced. This model 400 produces a mist so fine that it actually provides some cooling on hot days. The adjustable mist volume has made it possible to customize to the needs of plant room. I have not yet had to clean the unit. This is truly an outstanding product.
No, no one has paid me for this endorsement. I always compliment producers of good items and have also voiced complaints when necessary.

-- Dr. Ovid Slavin, former owner of Ovid's Orchids.