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Table-top Fountain and Waterfalls add a stunning touch of elegance, tranquility, and humidity to your growing area, living space, or plant displays. We offer the following parts and accessories for repairing or making your own.

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Submersible Mini-Jet Pump
Price: $28.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SMP -

    This tiny submersible pump has an adjustable flow making it perfect for powering table-top waterfalls as well as building ebb-n-flow units. We use this with a timer to supply water to an ebb-n-flow tray in our greenhouse and the result has been excellent. Ideal for use in freshwater or marine aquariums, terrariums, ebb-n-flow trays, water fountains and many other uses. The Mini-Jet 404 Submersible Pump provides exceptional pumping capacity while requiring minimal operational space. Its unique...

    Ultrasonic Mist-Maker / Fogger
    Price: $39.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: UF -

      These fully submersible mini foggers can cover an area up to 3 - 4'. Creates a beautiful rolling mist effect that resembles dry ice. Can be used with one of our large-size Resin Containers or with a bowl of your choice. They make a great addition to a fountain or waterfall. Optional umbrella may be used to reduce splashing in smaller water containers. ...

      Ultrasonic Mist-Maker / Fogger Umbrella
      Price: $4.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: UMB -

        Helps eliminate spatters when placed over the Fogger Unit.

        Ultrasonic Mist-Maker / Replacement Disk
        Price: $4.95
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: DISK -

          After running your Ultrasonic Mist Maker / Fogger for several months, the amount of mist may reduce due to some mineral build up on the surface of the mist ceramic piece. This tool will allow you to easily screw off the winding ring to remove the washer and ceramic piece from mister. Cleaning the ceramic piece with a soft cloth or replacing it with the included spare disk will bring your fogger unit back to a normal mist. For best results, do not try to clean or touch the mist ceramic piece...