What is Hydroponics ....

In nature, orchids which grow on rocks and trees, not on the ground, are called "epiphytes". They get moisture and nutrients from rain and dew. Orchids which grow on or in the ground are called " terrestrials". Growers use a wide range of materials to simulate these conditions. Working with varying blends of potting materials can often be tricky. Some ingredients hold water, others don't. Some deteriorate, some don't. Watering can be a real a guessing game. And what about nutrients? To be successful you may have to fiddle with each new plant to get results.

Growing Orchids with Hydroponics:

  • Doesn't break down (less re-potting)
  • Delivers water and nutrients to the plant safely and evenly
  • Allows maximum air flow at the roots
  • No more trips to the sink for overnight soaking! No more guessing with nutrients either!
  • Beginner or Expert, Hydroponics will make you a more successful orchid grower!

Clay Pellets/Pebbles:

Replaces soil - cleaner, easier to use. Eliminates Pellets mold and mildew. Less root decay and fewer insect problems.

Water Gauge:

Eliminates overwatering. Plants get water and nutrients as needed by capillary activity. Depending on conditions, water as little as once a month!

Culture Pot:

Designed for maximum air flow at the roots. Stronger Pot roots make a healthier plant.

Complete Nutrition

Plants get all the minerals and trace elements they need for strong, healthy growth. No fertilizer buildup to alter the pH or effect the root system.

Orchid Growers!

You should be using our System for your houseplants as well.

  • Prevents Root Rot - Gets maximum air flow to root zone
  • Eliminates Root Disease - Clay Pellets are sterile ceramic
  • No Overwatering - Water gauge tells you when to water - less chance of overwatering.
  • Balanced Nutrition - System delivers ALL nutrients to the plant in a form the plant will use.

If you love plants you'll love our system!