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    This coco-husk comes in nugget-like chips similar to fir bark. Available packaged in ready to use bags or in a 10 pound compressed block. (1 compressed block yields approximately 2½ Cu. Ft.)

    Coco Husk Chips are great potting media for most of orchids. We find many indoor growers are especially fond of coco husk as a potting media due to it's ability to hold moisture better than traditional bark media. The brand we use is high quality, economically feasible, eco-friendly and OMRI listed for organic use.


    • Lasts longer than many other potting media
    • Holds water
    • Excellent drainage and high cation exchange capacity
    • Prevents stress after repotting
    • Neutral pH and buffering capacity
    • Resists fungal growth
    • 100% natural and renewable resource