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    Use this Copper Mesh to create a barrier between your plants and crawling pests like slugs or snails. These pests are unable to crawl over the top of this copper mesh material. Use it in many ways to create a protective border between your plants and these unwanted pests.

    We have found many uses for this Copper Mesh. We wrap the legs of our outdoor grow area to prevent slugs from climbing up into our pots. We place them under pots to prevent slugs from crawling into our media. If we find a plant with slug damage we place this copper under the pot to prevent them from climbing out into surrounding plants until the pests are eliminated.

    • 99.9% strong copper mesh, will not rust
    • Measures apx. 5 inch Wide x 20 ft. long
    • Create a barrier against slugs and snails
    • Fill gaps, crevices, holes used by mice and other unwanted pests
    • Use to fill gaps, crevices, holes used by mice and other unwanted pests