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    Horticultural Oil is a fungicide, insecticide and miticide that helps to control soft-bodied insects such as aphids, mites and scale. As an insecticide it works through suffocation of eggs, larvae and nymphs of insects and mites and adults of soft-bodied insects. As a fungicide it interferes with the attachment of the pathogen to the host and acts as a suffocant.

    Horticultural Oil may be used to control mite and insect pests in the egg stage, including spider mites, eriophyid mites, armored scale, soft scale, mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids and many more. It is OMRI Listed for organic use in home fruit and vegetable gardens, home greenhouses, interior plantscapes and ornamental gardens.

    It is a milky concentrate that mixes readily with water. Shake well before mixing with water and during application of the oil. A pump sprayer or trigger sprayer must be used to spray solution to completely cover the top and bottom of all leaves until wet. Because horticultural oils interfere with or slow plant transpiration and respiration DO NOT apply to overly dry or stressed plants. We have safely used this on our entire orchid collection by using the mixing ratio for orchids shown on the product label