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    KeikiPro is a revolutionary combination of phyto-hormones for activating dormant nodes of orchid plants. When applied at the proper time of year it can produce more divisions, more flower spikes, and can jump start dormant nodes on old orchid plant divisions or back bulbs. KeikiPro also works on other plant types and can be used on much more than just orchids.

    KeikiPro liquid concentrate is primarily used as a spray application. Simply dilute 2-4 drops of KeikiPro per ounce of water, and then spray the solution on the growth points of your particular plant (use mixed solution within 48 hours for optimum results). Growth points can be stems, roots, pseudo-bulbs, inflorescences or rhizomes. It can also be used by the drop to individual dormant nodes. Timing is everything when utilizing KeikiPro.

    As previously stated, use KeikiPro to accentuate whatever type of growth you see occurring. When in growth, treat for more growth; when rooting, treat for more roots; when in spike, treat for more spikes, etc.

    Download / Print Usage Instructions Here. (Adobe pdf)