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    Mega Thrive is a special foliar fertilizer formulated to specifically promote strong growth on all ornamental plants through every growing stage from seedling to flowering, from transplanting to reinvigorating stressed plants. When used as directed, it is safe for Orchids and all genera of house and garden ornamentals. Mega Thrive is not a fertilizer additive nor a standalone fertilizer. It is used in conjunction with your regular feeding program.

    How to apply Mega Thrive:

    Mega Thrive is a foliar spray. It’s also a concentrate, so you have to dilute it. The suggested dilution rate is 3 ounces (or 6 tablespoons) of Mega Thrive per 1 gallon of water. If you have a large collection of "hard leaf" orchids like cattleyas, vandas and cymbidiums, you can use a hose end sprayer like Ortho's Dial 'n Spray. Set the sprayer to the 3 ounce ratio and fill the canister with Mega Thrive. For "soft leaf" orchids like Phaleanopsis, Paphiopedilums, miniatures, or just a small collection of plants, use a Hudson sprayer or tank sprayer. As mentioned previously, use 3 ounces of Mega Thrive per 1 gallon of clean water.

    In both cases, spray the tops and undersides of the leaves Spray enough so that you see runoff. Repeat application every 2 weeks, for about 2 months for the fastest results. Store any unused Mega Thrive solution in a cool, shaded area.

    Mega Thrive reduces transplant shock. When repotting a plant, or receiving a bare root plant that needs to be potted up, clean the roots of all old media. Then spray the roots with the 3 oz to 1 gallon of water solution of Mega Thrive. Once the plant is potted up, spray the entire plant with the Mega Thrive solution until you see runoff.

    How does Mega Thrive work?

    Without getting too technical, Mega Thrive is designed to supplement the nutritional requirements and bioactivities with auxin and cytokinin-like plant stimulants (natural plant hormones and phytohormones) which increases the physiological functions of a plant, like leaf expansion, prolific root formation, more root hairs, promotion of young shoots and stronger leaves, and increasing photosynthesis which produces more carbohydrates.

    Mega Thrive allows the plant to better utilize essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. From root tip to leaf tip and all the way to the flower, Mega Thrive maximizes your plants' growth.

    Mega Thrive is a plant supplement. It must be used in conjunction (but separately) with your regular orchid fertilizer feeding. Do not mix Mega Thrive together with other plant food. Mega Thrive can be used year-round by applying twice a month as a foliar spray.

    Offered here in 1 qt size.