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    These 12" wide X 22" long heavy-duty plastic trays are available only in black. Each comes with a matching grid tray cover. Place your orchids on top of the tray and water normally. The water will drain into the tray below and provide a comfortable humid environment for the benefit of your plants. Simple, clean, & efficient.

    To create a more humid environment our Mondi 7" Mini Greenhouse Dome with Easy Vents sits nicely on top of these trays. Although not a snap tight fit, as shown in the photo the size of the dome allows it to sit comfortably on top of the Gro-Pro Tray.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Lanexa, VA

    High quality!

    Nice, sturdy trays. Worth the money. Well packed with reasonable shipping cost. Very happy!

    Gro-Pro Humidity Trays


    I bought one of these trays from you a couple of weeks ago and I really like it, so now I need another one. Thanks for a great product.