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    From Mondi, makers of our favorite Mist & Spray Deluxe Sprayers comes this extremely well made Propagation Tray. This 10” x 20” propagation tray has no holes so you can safely water your plants with no fair of leaking. Similar to standard 10 x 20 trays from your local garden center, but in a stylish design that looks well even in your home. Use it alone, or for extra humidity it fits perfectly under our 7 inch tall Mini Greenhouse with Vents to create a warm, terrarium like environment

    • Premium grade virgin materials for cleanliness and durability
    • Premium white plastic for increased light reflectivity
    • Reinforced outside shell made from recycled materials provide strongest support to date
    • Best design 1020 flat (standard propagation tray) on the market
    • Perfectly fits all Mondi Mini Greenhouse Domes