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    Hydroponic culture for orchids is becoming more and more popular. When growing with our hydroponic culture pots you'll experience the many benefits available from growing your orchids this way. Hydro Pellets don't break down (less re-potting) while allowing maximum air flow at the roots. Our individual Hydroponic Growing Containers deliver water and nutrients to the plant. Because they hold the water they can be placed anywhere without damaging your windowsill or table top.

    Each Pot includes the Decorative Outer Container, Inner Culture Liner & Water Indicator. Decorative 0uter containers can be had in either Black or White.

    • Prevents Root Rot - Gets maximum air flow to root zone
    • Eliminates Root Disease - Clay Pellets are sterile ceramic
    • No Overwatering - Water gauge tells you when to water - less chance of overwatering.
    • Balanced Nutrition - System delivers ALL nutrients to the plant in a form the plant will use.
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    Hydroponic Pots

    I love the hydroponic pots at Kelly's Korner. They are sturdy and look nice on my windowsill. Good quality and I am ordering more today.