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    We love all types of “sticky traps” and these Monterey Yellow Sticky Traps are another great trapping system for all types of insect pests.

    The Yellow Sticky Trap works by imitating a very healthy plant leaf. Insects attracted to the trap are captured and killed in the powerful sticky glue. Catching and killing those first few insects is easier and more effective than trying to control a serious infestation later. Long term use of sticky traps will reduce troubling infestations without the use of chemicals.

    Simply attach them to the stick that is provided, or punch out one of the holes in the card to use them. Push the stick into your potted plant or use string or twisty ties to hang them near your plants to monitor insect populations and prevent them from establishing.

    • Five traps per package
    • Large 4 inches by 6 inches trap surface
    • Perfect for monitoring and biological control of flying insects
    • Marked with one inch grids to help monitor insect population
    • Hang them using the holes or insert them using the provided stick
    • Easy to use
    • Disposable