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    The Jump Start Light Systems have been one of the most popular fluorescent systems with indoor growers for many years. This light has been completely redesigned and improved, and is now available separately as this Jump Start T5 Modular Strip & Reflector with built in timer. The modular system allows growers to purchase the lights separately for use with any of the versatile add-on options.

    This high-output, energy efficient T5 system ensures that your plants get the light they need for robust growth. The super-slim T5 Light Strip includes a 6400K full-spectrum T5 lamp, electronic ballast, hanging hardware, and power cord. This light features an Omni-max highly reflective film that directs the light down toward your plants. The Omni-Max reflector easily snaps onto the T5 strip. The highly reflective material directs light downward, bathing your plants in full-spectrum light and increasing your growing success.

    Another nice feature of this light is that it allows the grower an option to “daisy chain” multiple lights together using the separate Jump Start Modular T5 Light Link Cord (sold separately). This is a great feature that allows you to add on as you grow, and be able to control all of the connected lights with the use of a single on-off switch. The built-in timer allows you to easily set a 12 hours on/12 hours off schedule or an 18 hours on/6 hours off schedule with a single button press

    We grow some of our orchids indoors and highly recommend T5 fluorescent lights for all indoor orchid growers.


    • High output 6400K T5 tube with reflector
    • Electronic ballast
    • Highly reflective Omni-Max film
    • 8' 120V power cord
    • Built in timer
    • Instructions included
    • Lightweight
    • Directs energy and light down to plants