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    Cork bark is one of our favorite mounting surfaces. We’ve used Cork Bark Slabs for many years and are happy to now offer the same natural product in round tubes..

    Cork bark is a great medium for mounting orchids or any plant that needs epiphytic-like conditions. It is a natural product, so each piece is unique. Orchids love the texture and the roots quickly wander thru the rough surface. We place our orchid against the cork and lightly cover with moss on the outside, firmly tying the plant with fishing line or even strips of nylon stocking. We recommend moss on the outside of the roots, not between the roots and the cork. This helps to keep the roots moist as they attach to the cork surface.

    Cork is a natural product which will vary in color and size. Some pieces may even have dry lichen or moss attached which makes them very appealing and always the first pieces to go when purchased at the events we attend.

    Randomly shaped tubes - Price shown is per-pound.
    Please specify Qty as "qty of pounds". On average, one pound is approximately 6" x 12" but is variable due to the thickness and shape of individual pieces. Please let us know if you are looking for certain requirements. Cork Tubes are easily cut with a simple lightweight handsaw.