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    Eco-pots are composed of 85% rice hulls and natural binding agents (starch-based, water-soluble binders and biodegradable additives). There is no heavy metal, benzene or any other toxic ingredient involved during the production of these pots. There is no industrial pollution generated during manufacturing and there is no waste as all scraps are re-used.

    We use them as “outer pots” to display our orchids when in bloom. They are attractive and come in six colors making them the perfect way to display our orchids around the home before returning them to the growing area once they are done blooming. As shown in the photos they accommodate many pot sizes, including our 4 inch round see thru pot, 3 1/2 inch square see thru and 3 1/2 inch square green pots and 4 inch standard green pots.

    The rice hulls along with organic, environmentally friendly pigments give these pots a very natural texture, look and feel. Eco-pots are economical and earth friendly with a classic look! They are available in avocado green, dark brown, mustard gold, bright pink, cranberry red and charcoal black colors.

    Formed by the hot press method, these pots will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years if you water your orchids while they are in the Eco-pots. However when kept dry and used as we do only to display your blooming plants, they should last many years.