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    Similar to traditional plastic pots but these are of a translucent / see-through material. 

    Since they are translucent, these pots allow light to reach the roots and you are able to visually see the current condition of the roots as well as the moisture state of the growing media.

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    Queens, NY

    Good pots for typical epiphytes.

    • Lots%20of%20air%20exchange
    • Flexible%20but%20not%20flimsy
    • May%20dry%20unevenly%20on%20large%20plants
    These pots are thick enough to hold their shape and flexible enough to squeeze for potting/un-potting. Plenty of slits for gas exchange and a raised, ventilated dome in the bottom to keep the bottom from staying wet. For the larger plants, I would consider the Aircone pots as I think they promote more even drying.