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Sphagnum Moss (New Zealand Long Fiber)
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    This is the finest quality Sphagnum available. Many use it exclusively for moist-loving plants while others incorporate it with other ingredients into custom mixes. Soak before using.

    Sphagnum Moss (New Zealand Premium Strand)
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      In addition to our long fiber moss we offer this “Premier Strand” New Zealand moss. There are many varieties of moss offered as AAAAA or 5A moss. Ours is the Besgrow Spagmoss “Premier Strand”. It is a premium commercial grade, Sphagnum cristatum; with lengths of 400mm+ to allow for easy root wrapping. Packaged loosely to minimize damage when using, this is the perfect moss for Neofinetia growers and others who desire a high quality moss in the longest lengths available. Sold in 100 gram...

      Terracotta Plant Pockets
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      We are always looking for new and fun ways to grow our orchids. Our Terracotta Mounting Jars have been a great success for us to grow them mounted and we are excited to now offer these Terracotta Plant Pockets. These are created by our friend Abby at Coldbrooke Pottery. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with the wonderful details shown here before being fired. A patina is applied to highlight the details and beauty of each piece. They have a generous open “pocket” at the bottom which allows...