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    The Active Eye 40X and 100X lighted microscopes are the perfect tool to help you identify insects, disease or other common orchid pests. The Active Eye Microscope is compact and lightweight, measuring about 4 inches long when in the closed position. When opened, a bright LED light automatically triggers on to shine right on your target. It comes with instructions, batteries and a protective case to store your microscope when not in use.

    Get a close look at the invader! When it is magnified 40 or 100 times larger than normal, then you'll know how to properly eradicate it.

    When you are observing an object through the microscope, an adjustable focus ring allows you to easily adjust your view. The internal ruler will measure the object from .01 mm to 2.0 mm, giving you precise readings that state the actual size of the specimen.

    • Easily identify pests, disease, or plant species to target fast solutions
    • Provides targeted, optimal illumination
    • Compact & light weight design
    • Super bright LED bulb to illuminate specimens
    • Includes batteries and case
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    I Have This, It Is Very Good...

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    I have this tool. It is very good for looking at mites. You can clearly see them. The magnification also makes it harder to "center" on or find the target you are trying to examine- it takes practice. The light is very bright. I haven't noticed any discernible colors in the bugs I've examined using this microscope.