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    Since light is the most important single factor affecting your orchids’ life cycles, a quality light meter is an essential tool in determining accurately if your plants are receiving the maximum light needed for healthy growth. A light meter helps you identify the best light for your orchids as the light conditions change during a full growing season.

    • Identify best light level of healthy plants
    • Easy to use hand-held design
    • Get precise reading with two scales
    • Includes instructions and "Consumer's Guide to Light Gardening" brochure
    • Lifetime silicon sensor - no batteries required
    • Read up to 5000 foot-candles of sun, high intensity or fluorescent light
    • Exclusive "Zero" calibration feature - accurate to 2%
    • Full two year warranty - the longest in the industry

    Light Intensity Levels:

    • This light meter features a dual stage foot‐candle range.
    • The two scale displays are labeled as FLUORESCENT and SUN & HIGH INTENSITY. The 500 range correlates to the FLUORESCENT scale and the 5000 range to the SUN & HIGH INTENSITY scale.
    • The maximum capacity of this light meter is 5000 foot‐candles.


    1. Remove the light meter from the packaging and set the dial located on the face of the unit to one of the desired ranges (500 or 5000). An initial test will determine which range to implement.
    2. Hold the light meter so that the three light sensors on the top of the unit housing are facing the source of light to be tested. If the needle indicator becomes maxed out on the 500 range, turn the dial to 5000 to attain a higher reading from the SUN & HIGH INTENSITY scale.
    3. Readings taken from canopy height will determine the most accurate light level intensities provided to the crop. For proper operation, ensure the light meter is in a vertical position underneath the light source.

    Special Notes and Instructions:

    • High light loving plants will prefer readings from the SUN & HIGH INTENSITY scale and low light or shade loving plants will prefer levels from the FLUORESCENT scale.
    • Calibration is not necessary and batteries are not required.
    • Avoid contact of liquids to the housing or internal components.