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    A well built instrument for greater humidity-reading accuracy. Plants grow best when their humidity needs are being met. Be sure to know what your growing area is providing with this easy-to-use hygrometer.

    We've tried many of the "dial" type hygrometers but were not happy with the results. This Wet/Dry Hygrometer however is extremely accurate and very easy to use.

    This instrument has two thermometers, one of which has a cloth wick on the bulb which is kept wet from a tube of water located in the center. The water will keep this wet bulb temperature naturally lower than the dry bulb temperature due to evaporative cooling.

    By knowing the difference in temperature shown on the two thermometers, simply consult the chart on the front of the housing to determine relative humidity at the dry bulb temperature.

    Made by Taylor Precision Products

    • Size 10 inch x 4 inch
    • Wall mounted
    • Plastic molded case with glass reservoir
    • Instructions included