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    These Phalaenopsis Ice Watering Trays are the perfect size to use on your orchids. We recommend using three solid ice blocks for your smaller plants and as many as ten for those with specimen sized orchids.

    The availability of two colors makes it easy to keep track of your fertilized ice cubes. Use white for normal watering and fill the blue trays with fertilized water. We recommend using fertilized ice cubes at least once a month.


    • Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, orchids, and house plants
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Freezes in hours
    • Stack on top of each other

    Are we seriously selling these?

    NO!!! Please, please, please don't water your orchids with ice cubes. Orchids are tropical plants and do not appreciate when you water them with freezing cold water. We recommend growing in pots with adequate drainage and run water through the pot until it runs out the bottom. Simply water around the base of the plant taking care not to get water in the crown. Typically once a week is just right for orchids grown in bark mixes, and watering only once every few weeks or so for orchids grown in moss. A few dripping ice cubes simply can not provide the amount of water needed to keep most plants healthy.

    While we've heard some customers comment that they can successfully grow orchids with ice cubes, I often wonder how much better those same plants might do if they were properly hydrated. Better yet ask the garden center or retailer where you purchase your orchids how often they add ice cubes to the plants before they are sold. Or sneak in and watch them water the orchids still on the shelf. Chances are you'll quickly find out they don't carry around ice cubes, they water with tepid water until the plants are sold.

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