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Watering and Humidity control are among the more difficult aspects to manage, yet we offer you many products to help meet any challenge.

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Watering Can
Price: $4.99-$8.49
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    We searched until we found the perfect Watering Can to use in the home. Made in the USA, these Watering Cans have user friendly handles for precise watering and easy carrying. The tapered spouts make them easy to use, giving you the control you need to easily water your potting plants.The reservoir on the smaller size is 6" tall and holds 56 ounces. The reservoir on the larger size is 8" tall and holds 144 ounces.

    Wet / Dry Hygrometer
    Price: $39.75
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    Item #: HYG -

      A well built instrument for greater humidity-reading accuracy. Plants grow best when their humidity needs are being met. Be sure to know what your growing area is providing with this easy-to-use hygrometer.We've tried many of the "dial" type hygrometers but were not happy with the results. This Wet/Dry Hygrometer however is extremely accurate and very easy to use.This instrument has two thermometers, one of which has a cloth wick on the bulb which is kept wet from a tube of water located in...