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    Mite X is a ready to use broad spectrum pesticide that is made from plants and plant extracts to control mites, thrips and aphids. It can be used on houseplants, herbs, flowers, ornamentals, vine crops, shrubs, berries, evergreens, greenhouse plants and interior plants. Mite X has a pleasant odor and is safe to use around children and pets.

    • For best results spray directly onto the insects but do not use on stressed, wilted or newly transplanted plants.
    • Made from plants and plant extracts
    • Safe, effective results from botanical extracts
    • Safe for use in and around the home
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Controls mites, thrips and aphids
    • Can be used on houseplants, herbs, spices, ornamentals, greenhouse plants and interior plants
    • Pleasant odor

    Active ingredients: Cottonseed Oil .40%, Clove Oil .20% and Garlic Extract .10%

    Mite-X has not been used on all plants and orchids under all conditions. Some injury may occur to some plants at sensitive stages of growth. Open blooms of some plants can also be damaged. Before applying to a large number of plants, test Mite-X first, on one or two plants for potential damage.

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