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    We are having a lot of fun growing orchids in our Mini Terrariums. Because the Mini Terrariums have holes that allow for airflow, they will dry out more rapidly than the sealed environment of a closed terrarium. After some trial and error we came up with a moisture holding soil that works quite well and we now use it exclusively for all the Mini Terrariums that we’ve planted.

    Our Mini Terrarium Soil is made using the finest ingredients. We use our favorite "soil based" mix Aussie Gold, and blend it with the exact amount of Fine Charcoal and Perlite needed to provide the perfect environment for growing orchids in the Mini Terrariums. Each package weighs one pound which contains over 4 cups of soil, more than enough to plant many of these Mini Terrariums.

    For best results use dry when planting and then water heavily using the Envirokind® Plant Care Sprayer or similar spray bottle. For the initial watering we soak the soil heavily and tilt the terrarium toward the large opening to allow the excess water to drain out. After that simply use the sprayer to mist around the inside of the glass once or twice a week as needed, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.