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    Terrariums are a beautiful way to display plants in your office, dining room, living room or any other well-lit spot. These Terrariums are in the same style as our "Mini Terrariums", but in a bigger size to accommodate larger orchids or to create a display of smaller plants arranged in the style of your choice.

    The globe shaped terrariums have one large opening with two smaller holes near the top for ventilation. The tear drop shape has only the front opening without the additional ventilation holes near the top. Open terrariums require more frequent watering than do closed, but the danger of disease buildup is much greater when orchids are grown in the high humidity of a closed environment. We therefore prefer to leave them open and use the Envirokind™ Plant Care Sprayer to lightly mist now and then as needed. If you desire a climate with a constant humidity then simply cover the large opening as needed to create the environment of your choice.

    Like our Mini Terrariums these glass globes have a loop on top to hang them and a flat bottom that allows them to be displayed on any flat surface.

    • Round globe - 6" dia with 3 1/4" opening
    • Round globe - 7" dia with 4" opening
    • Round globe - 8" dia with 4" opening
    • Teardrop shape – 5" wide x 8" tall with 2 1/2" opening
    • Teardrop shape – 6" wide x 9 1/2" tall with 3" opening

    Be sure to also check out our Mini Terrariums to see the many sizes and shapes available for your smaller plants.