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    We just love planting small orchids in these so that they can be enjoyed daily hanging directly in front of the kitchen window. We supplement the morning sunlight in this location using a T5 Single Fluorescent Fixture and the results have been fantastic!

    These "Mini Terrariums" have one large opening with two or more smaller holes near the top for ventilation so they do need to be watered occasionally. We simply use the Envirokind® Plant Care Sprayer to lightly mist inside the glass terrarium once or twice a week.

    They do best with smaller orchids of course, and ours are planted with such species as Lepanthes, Stelis and Platystele which grow and flower in them quite easily. They are also a great way to grow and display small mounted orchids suck as our Zygostates allenii shown in the photo.

    Because this is not a sealed environment, we recommend that a moisture holding soil be used. We created our own Mini Terrarium Soil which is available prepackaged and is highly recommended.

    Four assorted sizes and shapes make them perfect for any location and for growing many varieties of orchids

    • Round globe - 4" dia with 2 1/4" opening
    • Round globe - 5" dia with 2 3/4" opening
    • Teardrop shape – 3" wide x 5 1/2" tall with 1 3/4" opening
    • Teardrop shape – 3 1/2" wide x 7" tall with 2 1/4" opening

    We also have a selection of Terrarium Globes in larger six, seven and eight inch diameters.